Causes: External (beyond your control) and Internal (self-generated)

Your choices: Get stressed or find a solution!

You aren’t overweight for no reason at all.  Many of us have gotten this way because we have
forgotten or never learned the effective and positive ways to handle our stress.  Do these unhealthy
ways of dealing with stress keep you from living your life the way you want to?

  • Do you focus on the past and continue to lock into the stress mode?

  • Do you blame others or yourself for the situation?

  • Do you keep thinking of the “What Ifs” and not moving forward to find solutions?

  • Do you do nothing, literally nothing, and just sit there and keep thinking about the past?

  • Do you have too much free time?

  • Do you take shallower and shallower breaths until you’ve almost forgotten to breathe?

  • Do you stand like a hunch-back with your back curved instead of confident and straight?

  • Have you subconsciously lost the smile on your face, and have you started to frown?  

  • Do you get headaches and feel more stressed than ever?

  • Do you automatically go for “Junk Food Favorites” like ice cream, chocolate, chips, fries,
    cookies, and soda?

  • Once you are through with your feel-good junk food, do you become more stressed than ever
    because you have just added more guilt to your life?

  • Do you sleep or sit and watch TV and hope that the situation will get better by itself?

  • Do you take diet pills to try to lose the weight that you have just gained? Remember, the side
    effects of the pills may make you feel worse.

  • Do you start to get impatient or mean with other innocent people such as family members,
    friends, or the public? What goes around will come around — when you are mean to people, it
    normally finds a way to come back to haunt you.

  • Is your life going from bad to worse because of all of the above?
Alex Ong - Motivational and Wellness Speaker
Author of Mind Your Own Wellness
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Dedicate yourself to the good you
deserve and desire for yourself.
Give yourself peace of mind. You
deserve to be happy. You deserve

Mark Victor Hansen
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