The Journey of My Life

Beginning at age six, ‘Fatty Boy’ was my nickname. As I grew older, my nickname was
changed to Fatty. How fun was it to be called a Fatty? I didn’t care much, but I do not
recall loving it. Although I was very cheerful by nature, consciously and subconsciously, I
hated being fat, especially when it came to changing my clothes. I always wondered how
others could stay healthy and looked so neat in their clothes and I always looked so
sloppy in whatever I wore.

Years went by and not knowing what to do, I continued to eat what I wanted, whenever I
wanted, and as much as I wanted. It was during my teenage years that my nickname was
changed from Fatty Boy to Fatty, because I was no longer a small boy. Unfortunately, my
Fatty nickname did not go away for many more years. Not even when I was in the swim
team, badminton team, martial arts, and in the Army (Combat Unit) – my nickname Fatty
was there to stay. Even though the Army’s training was tough, somehow, I managed to
eat enough junk food to keep up with my nickname Fatty.

I continued to gain weight as I grew older, because I never stopped or cut down on the
junk food that I loved to eat. I loved ice cream, chocolate, chocolate milk, chips, fries,
cheese, deep-fried foods, and almost everything that was very salty, sweet, or DEEP
FRIED; fresh fruits and any kind of vegetables were a No-No for me then.

At age of 20 to 25, something started to change. My energy and concentration levels
continued to drop. I was not able to sit through a 45-minute lecture without dozing off
several times per class. My stiff neck went from bad to worse as time went by.

1st Turning Point: Meeting With My Future Mother-In-Law

At age 25, my stiff neck was hurting me so badly that I could not sit still without having to
rotate my neck frequently to ease my pains. Fortunately, I continued to be myself even
when I was in front of my future mother-in-law, I ate like a pig. I would eat all the things
that tasted best but were bad for my health.

Then my future mother-in-law order came into play. “You have to go for a blood test,”
she said. What should I do? Follow her order of course – or I was probably going to lose
my chance of marrying her daughter. And it turned out to be a blessing, I found out that
my cholesterol was 288 at the age of 25 (a safer cholesterol zone should be less than
200, to reduce the chance of health or heart diseases). In addition, my good cholesterol
(HDL) was way too low and my bad cholesterol (LDL) was way too high. What’s next?

I started getting into various diet programs and went on all kinds of strict diets. Every
program that I tried didn’t seem to work; the weight that I lost would come back again
soon after the diet program was done. One disappointment after another — but I just
would not give up because I was determined to stay healthy for my future wife and my
future kids. Through trial and error, at the fourth year of trying, the Color Belts’ Success
Formulas started to take shape. Since then, my cholesterol level and weight have been
back to normal and my neck pains are gone - for years, naturally. And of course, my
nickname Fatty was gone with the fat!

2nd Turning Point: A Phone Call That Changed My Life

Three days prior to September 1st of 2006, a very lovely and giving man was just
chatting with me over the phone thousands of miles away. Everything seemed to be
normal, as usual. This man also happened to be the man who did not give up hope on me
because of my study challenged background.

Fortunately, he believed in me and gave me an opportunity to pursue my studies in the
United States. It was at Oklahoma State University that I met my then future wife,
Linnawaty, who later turned me into someone who loved to study, read, and write.

Sadly, on September 1st of 2006, I received a phone call from my brother-in-law in
Singapore and it was about the very lovely and giving man. I lost him to a sudden
massive heart attack. This man is my dear Father.

It was the extreme pain of not having him for an extra day that inspired me to convert my
years of yo-yo dieting notes into Mind Your Own Wellness to help others live their
healthiest and best, not only for themselves, but also, for their loved ones too!

I sincerely hope that this book will inspire you to live your healthiest and best for yourself
and your loved ones.  
CEO of Napoleon Hill Foundation
Don Green & Greg S. Reid with Alex
"This book is great for anyone who has experienced
yo-yo dieting. Alex Ong explains how our thoughts could
affect what and how we eat. He opens up a new door for
anyone who is willing to take control of his or her
Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice."
-- Dr. Joe Vitale --
Co-author of "The Secret"
Author - "The Attractor Factor" and "The Key"
Alex With Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD
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