The Good — When stress hits, the person with good habits will choose to eat light and go for an
hour-long workout to recharge the body with oxygen and the natural high energy that comes
from exercise.

The Bad — When stress appears, the person will listen to the Inner Junky Voice for advice, “Eat
that cheesecake or bag of chips so that you can have a sense of control and it will make you feel
good. Or, go for a buffet lunch/dinner so that you can forget about the stressful situation.”

The Ugly — Combine the Bad with sleep after overeating and you are sure to gain weight fast
and double your stress.

Which kinds of habits do you have?

Train yourself to build a new habit. When stress arrives, use the Red or Black Belt’s Success
Formula in Chapter 16 to help you manage your situation. With the Red or Black Belt’s Success
Formula, you will find that (after eating) you can concentrate better and handle any stressful
situation well. Using junk food to reduce stress will only worsen your situation and it is only
temporary relief. It only lasts for the moment you are eating. Once you have finished all your
junk food, your stress will come right back.

Not only have you not reduced your stress, you have just added more burden to your body.
Because unhealthy foods are high in sugar, salt, and fat - they actually take away energy that
your body needs to burn fat, instead of giving you the energy to be productive at work.
"The healthy and strong
individual is the one who asks
for help when he needs it.  
Whether he's got an abscess on
his knee or in his soul. "  

Rona Barrett
Alex Ong - Motivational and Wellness Speaker
Author of Mind Your Own Wellness
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