I have thoroughly enjoyed the class today on wellness. It is so critically
important that we take care of our health mentally, physically and
emotionally. And I'm very thankful to have Alex Ong here with us today.

We pray that he continues to do these workshops all over the world
because it is such a critical need to help people to revolutionize their
thinking and help people get on the path of good health and good wealth.

I'm hopeful that he could come on over to the other Agencies and bring
his workshops to the Federal Government Agencies. Thank you for taking
the time to be with us. God bless you!

Doris Bishop
Government Accountability Office
I just attended Alex Ong’s session on Mind Your Own Wellness and I
would encourage everyone to attend this course.

It is excellent for your mind, as well as your physical aspects of your
body. And I would encourage you and your boss, or your friends and
co-workers to attend any workshop that he has in your state or city. It
is so wonderful. It has changed my life.

    Serita Sherpard
    National Science Foundation
What I got from Alex Ong’s seminar was that you really got to take
time and take care of yourself.

If you really value your health and you value your relationship with
your family – your loved ones, taking care of yourself is not as difficult
as it may seemed. It a very simplified process if you follow the steps
that Alex suggested.

Craig Willis
United States Forest Service Department of Agriculture
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