Salad can make you fat!

There are at least two ways of eating salad that I know of:

Way #1:
a)      Get a bowl of salad
b)      Top it with 1 to 2 tablespoons (max.) of dressing
c)      Mix it
d)      Eat it

Way #2:
a)      Get a bowl of dressing
b)      Top it with a handful of salad
c)      Mix it
d)      Eat it

Do you practice Way #1 or Way #2?

Way #1 is recommended. Way #2 can make you fat because of the amount of MSG, Saturated Fat, Oil,
Sugar, Salt, Preservatives, etc…that are added into the dressing.

Quick tips:

  • In full service restaurants: remember to ask the waiter/waitress to separate the dressing from
    your salad. In this way, you will have full control over the amount of dressing you will be using. If
    you choose to use up the last drop of the dressing provided – then you know it – it is your own
    fault! Behave better the next time.

  • In fast food restaurants: the portion of the salad is usually smaller than the full service
    restaurants; however, the packaged dressing that comes along with your salad order is often big.
    Yes, I understand. You have already paid for it; but you really do not have to use up the entire
    pack of dressing. Just a reminder: the more dressing (fat) that you eat, the more weight you will
    gain. Resist the temptation to use up every drop of the dressing, whenever possible.  
“Health is the greatest
possession. Contentment is the
greatest treasure. Confidence is
the greatest friend. Non-being
is the greatest joy.”

Lao Tzu
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