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Mind Your Own Wellness contains priceless,
hands-on tips to help you get your weight back on track
again. It gives you full control over your thoughts, the
chance to reduce stress and weight, as well as your
aches and pains, NATURALLY.
"...I strongly recommend Mind Your Own Wellness to all who care about
their health. It is easy to read and to use as a reference book. It should be
on the bookshelves of every parent. The greatest benefits of good nutrition,
stress relief and exercise come from adopting what is in this book early in
life, yet at any age one can benefit."
--Foreword by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.
- Board Certified Neurosurgeon, Lecturer and Author of Excitotoxins: The
Taste That Kills

You will discover:
  1. The GOODs or BADs of 14 Common Things that you eat and drink -
    including Milk, Sugar-Free Foods, Fat-Free Foods, and more...
  2. How your Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice and Inner Healthy Voice
    determine how and what you eat.
  3. How to reduce your weight without diet pills and starving.
  4. Ways to improve your health; plus, increase your confidence, energy,
    and productivity naturally.
  5. The key to keep those unwanted pounds off your body for good, one
    step at a time.

"Mind Your Own Wellness is healthy living 101. Read it from Cover to
--Marci Shimoff - Author of Happy For No Reason

"Mind Your Own Wellness is an unique and easy to use eating strategy.
Natural health shouldn't be difficult, and Alex Ong has done a wonderful job
of outlining effective tips for how to eat better and get over cravings."
Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP, - Holistic Health Counselor, Starred In
SuperSize Me
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