Once you feel stressed, give yourself a TIME-OUT. Think as Napoleon Hill said in his
CDs’ Think and Grow Rich, “No circumstance in your life can make you feel a certain
way, unless you and only you allow it to happen.”28 Do the following:

  • Put on a smile, not a frown.

  • Sit or stand up with an upright posture.

  • Take a few deep breaths and continue with your deep breathing exercises.  Or use the 5-
    5-10 breathing exercise to help you. (Chapter 12)

  • Eat light and take a 10–15 minute walk after you eat. Remember, when stress hits, eat
    light. (Drink a glass of water or hot green tea, eat an apple or orange, or snack on a fresh
    sweet carrot stick; instead of soda, potato chips, or chocolate).

  • Focus solely on the present and future.  What are the things that you can do to improve
    the situation. Think of the solutions, not problems.

  • If it is not too late to do something about the stressful situation, do it now or plan it out in
    writing so that you do not forget.

  • If there is nothing you can do about the stress and you know it is your mistake, take
    responsibility and learn from it; don’t repeat it again.

  • If it is not your mistake, think of what you might be able to learn from others’ mistakes so
    that it does not happen to you in the future.

  • If someone lies to you, don’t get mad at the person for lying. Just tell yourself that it is
    useful information that this person lies a lot, and watch out in the future. Act accordingly!  
    If somebody makes a mess, that somebody gets to clean it up!  If people learn that you
    don’t get EMOTIONAL every time something bad happens, if they see that you get PAST
    THAT and either act on it or use it as good information, THAT’S what helps!.

  • Take life as a fun learning process. There is always something for you to learn in every
    situation. The only question is: Will you choose to take life as a fun and enjoyable learning
    process, or will you choose to turn every challenge in your life into stressful situations.
"In times of great stress or
adversity, it’s always best to
keep busy, to plow your anger
and your energy into something
Lee Iacocca       
Alex Ong - Motivational and Wellness Speaker
Author of Mind Your Own Wellness
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