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  • Walk on stage cheerfully and open my speech with energy and purpose.

  • Never use off-color language or material.

  • Interact constantly with the audience and involve them through questions, a show of
    hands, eye contact and exercises as appropriate.

  • Present well-researched, profound information.

  • Use stories and humor liberally.

  • React maturely and flexibility to any problems that arise. This includes: audio visuals,
    lights, sounds, emergencies, etc.

  • Never be rude to audience members.

  • Summarize my points and give ways to remember my key points.

  • Relate my points to your organization and people.

  • Never abuse my assignment by turning my speech into a sales pitch.

  • Only offer my books and CDs if approved or requested in advance.

  • Stick to my time frame and adjust if needed.
Bob Proctor with Alex
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