"...I strongly recommend Mind Your Own Wellness to all who care about their health. It is easy to read and
to use as a reference book. It should be on the bookshelves of every parent. The greatest benefits of good
nutrition, stress relief and exercise come from adopting what is in this book early in life, yet at any age one
can benefit."
FOREWORD By -- Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN --Board Certified Neurosurgeon & Author "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills"
Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC
"Mind Your Own Wellness makes sense. It is straightforward and easy to read. Put it to work."
Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D. --Naturopathic Doctor, Health Advisor to World Leaders & Hollywood Stars
Daughter of Paul C. Bragg, N.D. Ph.D. (Originator of Health Food Stores)
"What I love about Alex's plan is that you start slow and build up to more healthy habits as you master the easy ones.
That is really important in any self-help program."
Cathy Goodman, Ph.D. -- Fibromyalgia Patient Activist
"Alex Ong packs a double-wallop as a radio guest. In addition to intelligently describing his proven, commonsense 5
Color Belt Eating method for improving your health, he brings authentic passion and engaging charm to this typically
very serious topic. He expertly uses tongue-in-cheek humor to describe the challenges and costs of choosing to be
obese, and how overeaters approach restaurant buffets with a "getting my money's worth" attitude. If you're
fortunate to book Alex for your radio show, ask him to play his original composition,
Greatest Hero – another example of his compassion, talent, and depth. Thank you, Alex!"
Bonnie D. Graham -- Radio Producer/Host "Up Close & Personal on WGBB Tonite" -
"This book is great for anyone who has experienced yo-yo dieting. Alex Ong explains how our thoughts could affect
what and how we eat. He opens up a new door for anyone who is willing to take control of his or her
Inner Junky (Junk Food) Voice."
Dr. Joe Vitale -- Co-author of "The Secret" Author - "The Attractor Factor" and "The Key"
"Most people are digging their graves with their mouths. Alex Ong teaches you the completely opposite -- how to
live your life with vitality, perfect health, and total fulfillment."
Peggy McColl -- New York Times Best-Selling Author of "Your Destiny Switch"
"Mind Your Own Wellness is indeed fun to read and the steps are easy to follow. Alex Ong’s 5 Color Belt Eating
Formula makes creating a healthy eating regime enjoyable and effective. He‘s awesome!"
Kurek & Johanna Ashley -- Peak Performance Coach International Best Selling Author of "How would Love Respond?"
"Mind Your Own Wellness is an unique and easy to use eating strategy. Natural health shouldn't be difficult, and Alex
Ong has done a wonderful job of outlining effective tips for how to eat better and get over cravings."
Alexandra Jamieson, CHHC, AADP - Holistic Health Counselor, Starred In Supersize Me, Author of The Great American Detox Diet
"Mind Your Own Wellness is a breath of fresh air! In a very unique way, Alex Ong has created an effective and yet
simple to follow eating program. Packed with tips, research and insights, this book is a perfect bridge to your path to
Samantha Gilbert -- Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner
"Mind Your Own Wellness is a treasure. It is packed full of amazing insights and tips to help anyone improve or
maintain excellent health. And it does not cost an arm and a leg to practice what Alex suggests. This book was a
labor of love, written by a son who lost his father way too soon. It is a privilege to know Alex. He is the real deal -
he really DOES want to save lives. The time you take to read this book is time invested in prolonging your life."
Dr. Donald C. Martin - Professional Speaker, Consultant, and Author- Road Map For Graduate Study
Brian Tracy - International Keynote Speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Flight Plan
"Insightful and knowledgeable! Alex Ong's Mind Your Own Wellness is a must read. It is a blueprint for any person
who wants to learn the effective ways to lose weight naturally and live a healthier life."
Johnny "The Transition Man" Campbell, DTM - Accredited Keynote Speaker, Author of Move On...Your L.I.F.E. Is Waiting
"A healthy banquet filled with specific actions that are facts, Not Fabs! Value added
knowledge and recommendations on every page ."
Dr. Denis Waitley -- International / Keynote Speaker Best Selling Author of
The Psychology of Winning
"This book shows you how and what to eat so you have more energy and vitality. You will learn how to lose weight,
feel great, and look good!"
"In Mind Your Own Wellness, Alex covers an amazing array of subjects with clarity and intelligence. The book
provides simple, easy-to-follow tips on how to eat healthier. It is an excellent guide to jump-start your journey to
wellness. Mind Your Own Wellness is a must read!"
Natasha Kyssa -Author of The Simply Raw Living Foods Detox Manual
"Mind Your Own Wellness is a must read for anyone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. It not only provides a simple,
easy to follow plan for wellness, it is one of the few that also addresses the thoughts that must be controlled in
order for a life change to work. Mind Your Own Wellness is a true gem."
Tony Chatman - Motivational Speaker and Corporate Relationship Expert, Creator and Host of The Blue Print Show
"My personal study of nutrition and fitness for the past 20 years has made me a bit skeptical of new health and diet
books. Mind Your Own Wellness is based on principles that have stood the test of time and is presented in a unique
way that makes sense and actually works."
Blaine Rada - Corporate Trainer and Professional Speaker, Winner of the America's Greatest Thinker
"Positive thinking, emotional healing, and good nutrition are essential to good health.
Alex has written a wonderful guide to help you get started on a journey to be the
best you can be."
Brenda Cobb - Founder and Director of The Living Foods Institute, Author of
The Living Foods Lifestyle
"Mind Your Own Wellness is one of the better health/diet/nutrition books I've read in a long time. It makes real
sense, the methods are easy enough, the healthy lifestyle recommended is simple if you truly want to be
"well"...and the book is as entertaining as it is easy to read!"
Jack Ong (no relation to author) - Actor-Writer-Activist, Voice Performer in such Audio books as The Art of
Profitability, Rich Dad's Success Stories, and Louis L'Amour The Diamond of Jeru
"This book will turn the unconscious act of making poor food choices into a conscious act of making the right food
choices. I love how it teaches us how to control the Inner Junkie Voice (Junk Food Voice) so it doesn't control us.
Put this book in your reusable shopping bag and bring it with you to the market to help you make the right food
Lisa Garr - Host of TheAwareShow.com, 90.7 fm KPFK Los Angeles & 98.7 fm KPFK Santa Barbara
"There is a famous line in a movie "Come with me if you want to live!" After you read Mind Your Own Wellness, you
will join Alex's team for better health.
Pete Cerqua - Author of The 90-Second Fitness Solution
"Alex Ong's Color Belt Success Formulas.....much like in Martial Arts.....give you the ability to start off slow and work
towards becoming a wellness champion! With Mind Your Own Wellness, you can kick unhealthy habits' butt!"
Brett Blumenthal - CEO and Founder of SheerBalance.com, Author of Get "REAL" - Stop Dieting!
Alex With Motivational
Speaker Sean Stephenson
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"Mind Your Own Wellness is healthy living 101. Read it from Cover to Cover!"
Marci Shimoff - New York Times Best-Selling Author of Happy For No Reason; Co-Author of
Chicken Soup For The Soul series & The Secret
"Mind Your Own Wellness is simple and to the point! Highly recommended for all seeking better health."
Dr. John Gray -- New York Times Best-Selling Author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"
Inspirational Speaker & Author