Alex Ong has published what feels like a personal letter to those of us who care about our health - but
MIND YOUR OWN WELLNESS is instead a book that will gather a flock of readers who want a simple
manner to address and change not only the burgeoning obesity tendency but also the seemingly simple
steps to taking control of our minds and bodies in general.....Reading MIND YOUR OWN WELLNESS
makes the reader want to sit down and learn more from this practical health guru. Highly recommended
reading for all age groups - including chubby youngsters!
The program Ong has devised is by far the best this reviewer has read simply because it's basic,
pragmatic, and very easy to follow. No superfluous data or advice is given, providing a guide book packed
with essential information readers can use as they go about their daily lives. This is one book that should
be in every home.
Ong is a great motivational writer, and has a charming and unique way of expressing himself, with an
enthusiasm that is contagious, and he is an expert in how to lose weight naturally. Though I no longer
need to lose weight, I'm still learning about health and diet issues; I learned a lot from "Mind Your Own
Wellness," and think you will too.
Alex Ong has created a unique program to help you shed unwanted pounds. You can enter the weight
loss program at any level. The main thing is to decrease the amount of toxins and junk food you are
consuming. You may have read a lot of labels and wondered about the ingredients in your favorite snack
foods. This book tells you what to avoid and why.
"Mind Your Own Wellness" promotes good nutrition, physical exercise, and adequate rest as the way to
healthy living. Alex Ong is highly recognized and endorsed by medical practitioners, holistic health and
nutritionist counselors, and well known fitness advocates.

"Mind Your Own Wellness" is highly valuable as a "Breakfast Table" book, menu planner, or motivational
guidebook which results in "turning thoughts into reality" and is a ready-reference to good health and
The book is simple and easy to follow and it shows you how and when to eat and gain more energy.
Ong has tried the methods here and he is sure that they work as are several others who have used his

If you care about yourself and your health this is the book for you. We all know how important good
nutrition is yet how many of us really adhere to that? Here you can start slowly and gradually build up
healthy habits and you are sure to feel better, Looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good and if
you follow Alex Ong you will do both.
So,what's the answer? It's all in Alex Ong's book.You don't have to go to special courses, sign up and
pay for expensive exercise programs, buy special foods or expensive exercise equipment, spend a lot of
time counting calories, etc. Just read his book. It will teach you what is in the food you are eating, show
you how to make informed choices; but most of all it will help you get motivated and maintain the
discipline to deal with your weight and life. A large percentage of the people are in this overweight mess
today; but there is no magic bullet to deal with it other than the knowledge, motivation and discipline
you will find in this book.  With thanks to Alex Ong ;I'm now gettin back on track---AGAIN!!
Naturopathic Dr. Patricia Bragg
with Alex
Alex with Actress Deidre Hall
Best Television Role Model, 3 Emmy Award Nominations
Winner of the Prestigious American Women in Radio and
Television (AWRT) Award
This may be the most relaxing book I've read. Alex Ong's tone is supremely authoritative yet as patient as
a caring father. The result is magic.

In Mind Your Own Wellness, Ong accumulated an immeasurable quantity and quality of information
regarding nutrition, psychology and human nature, biology, disease and aging, the food industry in the
U.S., stress, wellness, self-esteem and wealth. He shaped this information and presented it in the most
positive and accessible manner imaginable. In doing so, Ong has given us a great gift that far exceeds
the price of the book
Mind Your Own Wellness
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My name is Peter, my wifes name may appear in this review heading since she's the one who orders from
Amazon... Any way...

I met Alex in person. Not only does his book promote more energy and confidence, his obvious desire to
help others achieve a quality of wellness shines through. Alex's passion is truly contagious!
A timely book that links natural wellness with weight loss, better health, and more,
By  A. Chandler "ArtistAlana" (Austin, TX)   (#1 REVIEWER)  (REAL NAME)
In the past few months, as a weight loss coach, I have ramped up my reading on natural living and its
effect on weight loss, better health, energy, etc. I have made more lasting changes for myself but I've been
floored with what is out there that even I didn't know--and I say that because I study things like this often
and have for years.

That sounds so hokey but there is SO much science to back it up lately.

This, in a nutshell, is how to retrain yourself from all the bad you've learned from past habits and how to
fight what the author calls your "inner junky voice" which often is more in control of our eating than we are
for some reason. That devil on our shoulder that causes us to eat after an advertisement, binge at a
celebration, during extreme happiness or sadness...we have no battle plan to attack that voice. This gives
you the mantra of being able to know why that's happening but, more importantly, how to fight it.

Love that.
Alex With Les Brown
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