Alex Ong covers a good deal of territory in terms of removing toxins from the body that alter the way we
look and feel, but the book doesn't get bogged down with statistical analysis or sermonizing. What I liked
best about the book was the fact that it gave me dozens of suggestions for improvement, without
requiring me to implement all of them right away. I think the White Belt to Black Belt progression that the
author utilizes is especially apt for developing a structure to create a healthy lifestyle on a permanent
There are millions of dollars spent each year on weight loss and fitness programs. Most of this money
is wasted. There is also millions of dollars spent on remedial health care that could be saved if we
lived a healthier life style.

Mind Your Own Wellness approaches the problem from the only way that really works. Change your
mindset about food, what you put into your body and how you treat your body. The average person
will never have the willpower to follow a strict calorie counting diet. The very idea of diet means that
we have to give up something - and that approach rarely works. We do not like having to do
I very much liked the food choice lists and things like the side effects of certain food additives. As Alex
mentioned earlier on in the book, No one can change your eating habits unless you choose to do so," (p.
39). This guide is a help, but only if you will use it. I feel the author is very sincere in his effort to help
others, something I seldom sense I books of this nature. Once again, this is a lifestyle change book and
the choice is yours and yours alone.
Notice that the title is "Mind Your Own Wellness", not "Lose Weight Fast and Easily". Author Alex Ong does
not advocate fad diets or radical lifestyle changes because ultimately, these methods don't work for
keeping weight off and many of these diets are unhealthy. Instead, he urges you to be constantly mindful
of the food you put in your mouth and to be aware of your unhealthy habits so that you can change them
into healthy ones.
A fair number of us are obese. I am one of those. In today's society it is too easy to allow stress to get in
the way of good eating choices. Then it is similarly easy to try a quicky diet in hopes of losing weight fast,
followed by a subsequent weight increase.

On the whole, this is a decent book. It demands a 6 day a week life style change, and this requires work.
But, as Ong notes, obesity requires work too, hard as that may be to imagine. And, if you are going to put
out a lot of effort, wellness is a good choice.
Overall, the acquisition would be an excellent supplement to any personal library. The Paleolithic diet of
lean meat, fruits, veggies, fish, seeds, nuts and water provided the human species with a superior nutritive
regimen over the steady diet of junk food in modern society.
There are many weight loss books available to us today. This one with its "Belt" plan is one of the
easiest I have seen.

Now comes the hard part --- doing it. Copy and post the menus on your refrigerator, take it to your
bathroom mirror or better yet, get a buddy and work together. Whatever you do --- just do
Alex Ong is a genius!

If you have tried all the fad diets out there and had no success, I dare you try these methods. His methods
are no fad, it teaches a whole way to live, my wife and I have been following his advice for the last few
months and we both feel superb. It honestly doesn't feel like we are even on a diet we are having so much
fun with it.
Helen Plum Library Team
Linda, Cynthia, Marlene, Bob, & Alex
Alex With Bob Proctor
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