Breathing Exercise

Besides keeping you alive, do you know that oxygen is the gas that gives your body natural
energy? What about carbon dioxide? It is not just the gas that you breathe out; it is a harmful
waste gas that you are supposed to get rid of.

If you desire better health, it is important to constantly remind yourself to take deep breaths.
Although taking deep breaths may sound like a no-brainer, deep breathing exercises are often
neglected when you are caught in a stressful situation. When you are worried or stressed, you will
have a tendency to take shorter breaths because your heart is pumping so quickly and things get
out of control for you.

If you are not aware that taking a deep breath can calm you and slow down your breathing, your
Inner Junky Voice will jump right in and tell you to reach for junk food to slow you down whether
you are hungry or not, just to regain control.

If you train yourself to take a deep breath regularly, your natural energy level will increase and
you will be able to handle stress well instead of using junk food to cope with stress.

Bottom Line: Inhale the natural energy in oxygen and exhale the toxic waste from carbon dioxide
to help you deal with stress. It’s free and it will not increase your weight.

By using junk food to manage stress, you will get stressed. Once you are done with the junk food,
your stress level will actually go up because you have just wasted your money on junk food and
added more fat or weight to your body.

Physical Exercises

When you exercise, your heart will beat faster and you will breathe deeper. Doing so will help you
squeeze carbon dioxide (toxic gas) out of your body and replenish it with FAT FREE oxygen to
energize you naturally. By exercising regularly (walking, golfing, jogging, stretching, swimming,
Yoga, Tai-chi, cardio workout, or other forms of physical exercise), you will get these benefits:

  • Deep breathing (mentioned earlier) or breathing through diaphragm (watch how a
    newborn baby does it: stomach bloats when inhaling, stomach collapses when exhaling).
  • More energy during the day – due to deep breathing.
  • Less urge to eat junk food.
  • Sleep better at night.
  • Reduce stress due to better rest.
  • Better concentration due to better sleep.
  • Burn more fat than just by sitting.
  • Boost your immune system with good blood circulation.
  • Feel great physically, mentally, and emotionally.
“Always remember to slow down in
life; live, breathe, and learn; take
a look around you whenever you
have time and never forget
everything and every person that
has the least place within your
Alex Ong - Motivational and Wellness Speaker
Author of Mind Your Own Wellness
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