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Wellness to all who care about their health.
It is easy to read and touse as a reference book.
It should be on the bookshelves
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The greatest benefits of good nutrition, stress
relief and exercise come from adopting what is
in this book early in life, yet at any age one can
Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD, CCN - Board Certified Neurosurgeon
Author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills"
Advanced Nutritional Concepts, LLC
New York Times
Best-Selling Authors - Mark Victor Hansen,
Robert G. Allen & Debbi Stumpf
Inspirational Speaker &
Natural Health Author of
Mind Your Own Wellness
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"Mind Your Own Wellness
is simple and to the point! Highly recommended
for all seeking better health."
Dr. John Gray With Alex-
#1 New York Times Best-Seller
"Men Are From Mars,Women Are From Venus"
“I’m so stressed”... Stephen leaned his head forward and massaged the inner
corners of his eyes. At the office, sales along with productivity are down. “What
can I do”… Stephen tried to clear his head. Each day he wondered if he’d still
have a job the next.

With sales down, money was tight at home and bills kept falling behind. “I can’t
take another collection call”, Stephen thought to himself. “They don’t listen, they
don’t understand. I want to pay, but with what little money there is I have to
cover the basics. My kids have to eat, there’s the gas, electric and phone that’s
got to be paid. And the mortgage…” Stephen shuddered. “I can’t lose the house.
Where would we go?”

Unable to concentrate, he leaned back in his chair and gave a slight shrug of
defeat. Stephen opened his bottom right desk drawer and pulled out a bag of
chocolate donuts. Grabbing the soda already sitting open on his desk in one hand
and a couple bite sized donuts in the other, he could at least enjoy a little
comfort food.

“Karen would throw a fit if she saw me eating this stuff. So I went from a 32” to
a 36” waist, so what. So what…” Stephen thought as he angrily bit into the stale
dough. Stephen sighed. There really wasn’t anything he could control. Not even
his own health, or so he thought…

As a motivational speaker, Alex Ong hears Stephen’s story from men and women
all over the world. Alex is a specialist on the subjects of stress, productivity,
natural health and wellness, obesity and weight loss. His audiences learn how to
reduce stress and improve their health by losing weight naturally.

Through his speaking engagements and his book, Mind Your Own Wellness, Alex
shares the gift of his hard earned knowledge. His passion and mission to help
others comes from his own battle with obesity, poor health and even the
catastrophic personal event of losing his father to heart failure stemming from
high cholesterol. Yet through these battles and personal loss came the victory of
an improved happier and healthier life for Alex, just as it can for your employees,
your family, and …
for you!
Stephen's Story
We welcome and thank you for visiting Alex here at his ‘e-home’.
Please take a look around and then let us know how Alex can help.
Alex Before
Alex After
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"Mind Your Own Wellness is healthy living 101.
Read it from Cover to Cover!"
Marci Shimoff
New York Times Best-Selling Co-Author of
Chicken Soup For The Soul series;
Author of H
appy For No Reason
"Mind Your Own Wellness makes sense.
It is straightforward and easy to read.
Put it to work."
Alex With Naturopathic Dr. Patricia Bragg, Ph.D.
Health Advisor to World Leaders & Hollywood Stars
Daughter of Paul C. Bragg, N.D. Ph.D.
(Originator of Health Food Stores Since 1912) - Bragg.com
Alex With Dr. Wayne Dyer
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